• Conceptual ICU room in Revit 3D ICU Room
    Un-rendered 3-D view of a conceptual ICU room in Revit.
  • Rendered ICU Room Rendered ICU Room
    The same ICU room from Revit, rendered.
  • Hi-tech cardiac catheterization lab rendered using Revit Cardiac Cath-Lab Bi-Plane w MRI Scan
    Hi-tech cardiac catheterization lab, with MRI room rendered with Revit.
  • 3D operating room Operating Room
    3D render of an operating room with equipment.
  • Photo-realistic patient room Patient Room
    A photo-realistic rendering of a patient room.
  • 3D patient room Patient Room
    An inside view of a 3D patient room.
  • MRI room rendered with Revit MRI Room
    MRI room rendered with Revit's Mental-Ray rendering engine.