Establishing an Equipment List/Budget

After being awarded a contract, typically the first task asked of Korbel Associates is to establish a preliminary equipment list and budget. This is accomplished using a combination of the project’s functional space program, architectural drawings (if available), meeting minutes and any other documentation regarding medical equipment at a department or room level. We prepare this preliminary budget by using our library of ‘model’ equipment rooms to populate the project-specific database.

Functional Space Program

Funtional space program
Schematic Drawings

Schematic drawings

Once the database is initially populated, all of the equipment reports become available on the website. Equipment reports are used at the outset to help both clinical users and administrators focus on the budgetary impact. For example, the Budget by Descending Cost report can be created either on an overall project basis for the benefit of project leadership, or on a department basis as a tool for departments to refine their budgets.

This equipment list will include minor items like wastebaskets and sharps receptacles, but the focus of the meetings in the Schematic Design phase will be on major equipment such as booms, surgical lights, headwall systems, physiological monitoring, imaging equipment, sterile processing equipment, etc. At the first meeting with clinical users, draft reports will be ready for review.