Menu of Services for Procurement Phase

Listed below is a brief summary of procurement phase services offered by Korbel Associates. Since the facility might elect to perform some aspects of the procurement internally, we normally don’t prepare a fee proposal for the procurement tasks until we agree on a mutual scope.

Equipment Selections
Between the planning and procurement phases, technology and equipment needs may have changed. Korbel will finalize with end users the equipment specifications including manufacturers, models, options, and accessories.
Budget and Finance
We will track the purchase order data in comparison to the planned equipment budget. The Variance Reports show whether and by how much the purchased equipment is under or over budget.
Managing Schedule during Procurement
Once the equipment list has been finalized by the end users, a procurement schedule may be established. We follow the required on-job dates as defined by the general contractor in conjunction with the lead times for each piece of equipment. We also factor in installation, assembly, approvals, that add to the overall timeline for some pieces of equipment.
Korbel can gather quotes, prepare RFQ packages, and generate purchase orders on behalf of the owner. These would then be presented to project administration for final review and signature.
Construction Coordination
Korbel will coordinate with the contractor all equipment substitutions that have an impact on construction. The website is kept current with cut sheets for purchased equipment. We can also assist in gathering the submittal drawings on applicable equipment.
Receiving, Warehousing, Installation, and Assembly
We coordinate delivery dates and warehouse management with project administration. Korbel will periodically check with vendors to verify that equipment is set for on-time deliveries.
Our role can include managing the equipment database and enter material management tag numbers. We can provide or coordinate on-site personnel to determine that all equipment gets to its destination rooms.